Karmic Freedom - New Rules For A New Age

Hi there,
I am Michael Brady, CEO and creative force of Karmic Freedom, LLC. This is my PODCAST, Karmic Freedom - New Rules For A New Age. Welcome. I dedicate myself here to sharing, exploring, and explaining what it means to be living in the age of Aquarius and the beginning of our spiritual adulthood. If you are seeking to release and resolve negative thoughts, your own karmic drag, and/or your own emotional “stuckness,” I invite you to come along with me. I will often bring guests into my PODCAST who will share their own valuable knowledge and experience as well. Together we will strive to help you create and live into Healing, Expansion, Abundance, and Prosperity in your own life. Please check out my website KarmicFreedom.com for more information. Photo taken by Darlene Elkins.